City Of Memphis Considering Suing The NBA & Grizzlies Because Of Funds Lost Behind Lockout

More trouble could be headed to the NBA and it’s owners.

The city of Memphis’ City Council approved a resolution on Tuesday that allows city staff to explore paths to reimbursement, including litigation, should the city be forced to pick up the tab for up to $18 million in bond payments usually covered by revenue generated at FedEx Forum by Grizzlies home games.

The catch 22 in using public funds to build these arenas that the owners say they need in order to remain competitive (which is true) is that you, much like the players, will be on the hook should things not work out in the city’s favor. I bet the NBA won’t feel that this is fair should Memphis move forward with a suit. It’s really the same logic that the owners are using with the players. Things are getting ugly. It’s in everyone’s best interest to find that happy medium… quickly.

There’s been no comment from the NBA on this issue yet. Estimates are that $175 Billion dollars has been funded by the public for NBA arenas over the past decade out of $200 Billion in construction costs.