Chris bosh Thinks Women Should “Just Clap And Look Pretty” At Basketball Games

Chris Bosh (who went 1-18 in the Heat’s lost last night to the Bulls but anyway) is probably the least focused upon member of the Heat’s Voltron formation.

That could all be changing quickly if the rumors are true about his ex girlfriend (and daughter’s mother) Allison Mathis  joining the cast of Basketball Wives for season 3.

Chris was recently featured in the March 2011 issue of Elle magazine and shared some interesting thoughts on women, relationships in the NBA and how he and his fiancee Adrienne hooked up.

Elle: What’s the hardest you’ve worked to woo a woman?

CB: It was with my fiancee [Adrienne Williams]. I met her in New York at a charity event-her friend liked the guy I was with. We eventually struck up a conversation, exchanged numbers. I courted her for 3 months over the phone. I met her in July we didn’t have our first date until October.

Jill says: Adrienne had an excellent “wing” chick. I guarantee her “friend” isn’t still socializing with Chris’s friend anymore ::giggles::

Elle: I encountered some footage of your cousin with your former girlfriend heckling LeBron James in 2008 when you were playing on opposing teams. Are there unofficial rules governing the behavior of players’ wives and girlfriends?

CB: That was embarrassing, a woman shouldn’t heckle. In the public eye, you have to represent not only you, but your spouse too. You have to be a lady. She just has to sit there, clap, and look pretty.

Jill says: Hmmm I guess that means her being an actual fan of the game is optional (well he stated Adrienne isn’t a fan of basketball and she always looks like the perfect little lady on the sidelines, so well played Ms. Adrienne) While I can certainly understand why he might be a tad embarrassed by his Ex’s behavior, the idea that a woman shouldn’t express passion for the sport seems a bit chauvinist.

Adrienne had a few interesting tweets she shared the day it was announced Allison might be joining the cast of Basketball Wives. Be sure to check those out at the end bottom of this post.

Elle: Was racking up multiple women ever appealing to you?

CB: I like intimacy with just one person who you can share your secrets and thoughts and ambitions with. In our profession, we’re in pretty vulnerable positions. That can either motivate you to take advantage, or it can scare you a little bit. it scared me.

…Players get into relationships based off pity, we’re talking about something that could develop overtime. Everybody in this world isn’t good people. So you have to learn that and learn to look for certain signs when you’re out there.

To check out the complete interview pick up the March issue of Elle. Sorry it’s not available online.

I guess subliminal tweets are ok in Chris’s handbook of how-to be -a- significant-other-of -a -Pro-Athlete. :shrug: