Cavs Investigating Tampering By Miami Heat In Lebron’s Signing

5 months later I still have my copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You” waiting for Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert.  Curiously a day before the Heat and Cavs play in Cleveland, the cavs have seemingly taken a page from Phil Jackson’s book of mental warfare and “leaked” info that they’ve hired a high-powered law firm to investigate the Lebron signing.

One focus of the law firm’s probe includes an alleged Riley-James meeting in Miami in November 2009, and a meeting of James’ inner circle with Wade in Chicago in June 2010.

Even though David Stern indicated months ago that he felt no tampering was involved and that players have the right to have conversations with their friends on other teams, it’s believed that the Cavs ownership might be suspicious of the league office’s desire to investigate these kind of cases because of the potential embarrassment to the NBA.

It would seem rather difficult to pinpoint the content of Lebron’s conversations with Dwyane and Chris. Even by extension, their inner circles are friends and have been for many years.

Dan Gilbert has bashed Lebron, his work ethic, his management etc etc. It would seem as if he would be relieved of ridding himself of such a headache. He announced just days ago that he was over “lebrongate” and had moved on but much like a bitter ex continues to dig for reasons to justify why their former lover is an A-hole the world should hate them as much as they do.

It’s not healthy Dan! Considering the reports being floated out of Miami, it seems like by losing, you’ve actually WON! The Cavs have an almost identical record to the Heat. Fighting this battle will hurt you more than whatever you think you’re doing to Lebron and the Heat. Players are watching. The conflicting messages aren’t being ignored.

But, like a scarred lover you won’t listen to me until after you’ve made a fool of yourself once again. Maybe I should have posted this in Cosmic Sans font to make it feel like a safe place.

Maybe I should also get him a copy of “In The Meantime”. That way he has a guideline and some constructive activities to keep him occupied.

Ohh annnddddd “Why Men Love Bit**es” so he’ll learn how not to be an enabler and be firm. Just like the book says, when you give a man everything he asks for, he has no reason to make a real commitment to you.