Big Baby Teaches You to Dougie

Big Baby's "Dougie" in motion

In case you forgot, Stiletto Jill IS soooooooo LA! So when I heard that Glen “Big Baby” Davis had a video for Cali Swag District’s “teach me how to dougie”, anxiety immediately set in. 1st and foremost, he’s a CELTIC. But I managed to move pass that bias because after all if he was embracing an L.A. dance (understand that I know it didn’t originate here but it’s where it resides NOW and after all possession is what counts in most instances)Ā  how bad could it be??

Mmmmm hmmmm yup. Just confirmation that not EVERYBODY is meant to Dougie!!

However, please keep at it, I like to watch videos such as this for my own personal amusement!! Maybe one I’ll bust my dougie for you guys! šŸ˜‰

If you want to see the REAL way Go HERE