Basketball Wives Season 2 Finale Sneak Peek

This season of Basketball Wives has come to an end. The finale and reunion show will be EVERYTHING!! (yes I have a little insider information but the bottom line is you won’t to miss the next few show)

In the steamy season finale, Evelyn’s weekend in Cincinnati with Chad Ochocinco could just be the start of something big. The shocking final act disclosure of a past infidelity links two of the wives and ends the season with an explosive showdown.


  • For those complaining about actual wives participating, this clip features Brandi (Detroit Pistons player, Jason Maxiell’s wife), Nikki Shaw (former Laker, current Assistant Coach Brian Shaw’s wife), Kimisha Artest (Ron Artest’s wife, she looks like she snatches weaves off of females for fun) AND, the original Groupie-killer, Jackie Christie (wife of former NBA player Doug Christie and the world famous, don’t speak to any females without my wife’s permission.)
  • Evelyn said Jennifer might be jealous of she and Chad Ochocinco’s relationship… Interesting.
  • If you’re online savvy (or can read between the lines of the episode summary posted above), you already know what the fight between Tami and Evelyn is about. I won’t spoil it here but we’ll discuss on my Monday recap (or on twitter if you’re around @StilettoJill) … I don’t know that I would’ve released that bit of info but it’s out there now!