Ashley Walker New Addition To Basketball Wives Cast

Even though VH1’s Basketball Wives isn’t set to air new episodes until December. More details continue to pop up about the cast, the new season and the continued trials and tribulations of that lifestyle.

Another new cast member’s identity has been revealed, Ashley Walker; Not to be confused with the young lady that went to Cal and was drafted to the WNBA’s Seattle Storm. The latest “Not actually a wife but close enough for the show”,  Ashley’s exact title (girlfriend or fiance’) is still undefined.

Her Significant other is NBA free agent Rafer Alston (for you And 1 fans that might still be floating around, that’s Skip to my lou). His last 2 NBA teams were the Orlando Magic & The Miami Heat but he left or was cut from the Heat mid season due to some ambiguous personal situation. YEAAAHHHHHHHHH

The obvious questions are 1. Is Suzie a full time cast member this season or just “a friend”. 2. Gloria?? That attention is a gift and a curse huh? 3. Since Sandra AKA Plastic Surgery won’t return, who will they call a groupie now and use for drama?

We still have time to answer all these questions. Oh and I’m told Shaunie has a more involved role in the actual show this time around. And her Boo Marlon too.

Good times ahead head!