All-Star Reserves plus Nike’s MVPuppets All-Star Tees

 I think I may be over the MVPuppets. Until something exciting happens with them again and I can embrace them warmly as for now, I’m over it. Along with the list of the East & West All-Star reserves (No Chris Kaman but Zach Randolp & Kevin Durant YESSS)  My solution to the snubs would be to have the All-Star teams roster at 15 players just like the regular season. a few additional wild card votes.:shrug: Hey if I ran the NBA there would be a few things different. Yeah I have all the answers ::flashed my million dollar smile::  I have included the T-shirts that will be included with give aways in the Nike gifting suite during All-Star weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day

The All-Star Reserves:

Deron Williams, Jazz
Chris Paul- Hornets
Pau Gasol- Lakers
Kevin Durant- Thunder

Dirk Nowitzki- Mavericks
 Zach Randolph- Grizzlies
Brandon Roy- Trailblazers


Rajon Rondo- Celtics
Derrick Rose- Bulls
Paul Pierce- Celtics
Chris Bosh- Raptors
Gerald Wallace- Bobcats
Joe Johnson- Hawks
Al Horford- Hawks

I think I have an issue with the East’s roster but I can’t pinpoint yet exactly what it is…