Yankees Derek Jeter’s Dating Diamond [photo]


Yankees superstar Derek Jeter has announced he’s retiring from baseball after the 2014 season. “The Captain” has had an incredible 19-year run that includes 5 championships plus numerous All-Star game and Golden Glove selections.. As his last season plays out, there will be a ton of retrospective stories on his career. But one of my favorite topics related to Jeter – outside of that time he hosted SNL and he made a joke that said he looked like a cross between a Muppet baby and The Rock – is actually about his life off the diamond. Jeter was the master of the high-profile relationship.

ESPN’s SportsNation created a graphic of a baseball diamond containing all the high-profile women he’s been linked to.



Add in the fact that Jeter has No baby’s mamas, sends post-date gift baskets – thereby ensuring that the ladies feel appreciated- and managed to do all this without scandal, that’s impressive. Perhaps it was the early institution of a no cell phone policy and confidentiality agreements.

You have to give him some sort of “Legend of the game and “The Life” plaque. Also to note, Jeter is still a bachelor. That might change in retirement but I think that it was a smart career move.