The New Yorker throws shots at the New York Yankees [photo]

The New Yorker-MLB Yankees cover

Today is opening day for Major League Baseballs 2013 season. The New York Yankees will start this season under the gun with a rash of injuries altering the team. Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter all will open the season on the disabled list. The New Yorker took a moment to poke fun at the hometown team’s run of bad luck and advanced age with this cover photo.

The irony in the Yankees injury woes is that it comes at the same time another perennial powerhouse franchise is experiencing something similar. different league and coast, but it’s certainly poignant that the Lakers are going through their own MASH unit this season and aren’t exactly spring chickens either. Hold your head Yankees fans. Maybe Vino- that’s Kobe in case you’ve forgotten already – can call ARod again and give him some tips.