Stephen Jackson explains how his hands ended up around Steve Francis’ neck [video]


Remember last week I showed you video of former Spur Stephen Jackson grabbing ex-NBA player Steve Francis by the throat. Stak5 appeared on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” and was asked, what caused him to choke up Stevie Franchise.


According to Jackson: “We wasn’t never cool. I don’t hang with him. I don’t call him. We’ve never been in the same circles. It was too packed for me to get to the stage. So I go in the DJ booth…and as soon as I start rapping, he jumps on the back of the DJ booth.

“I don’t know why he jumped up there. He bumped me two times with his midsection. I felt his belt on my neck. So the third time he does it…I turn around and I ask him to get down. He said something crazy, one thing led to another, my hand end up on his throat and next thing he in cuffs.”

Trill. If you’re interested in what Stephen Jackson is like as a dad and husband, check out the full clip.


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