Robinson Cano and Seattle Mariners agree to 10-year-$240 million contract



A report in the New York Daily News claimed that Jay Z blew the talks with the Mariners for Robinson Cano.  I suspect that some of this might be stemming from backlash from Jay Z as an agent. There might be something to that theory as it’s been announced that Cano and the Mariners have agreed to 10-year $240 million contract.

“Scott Boras, you over baby. Robinson Cano, you comin’ with me.” – Jay Z

You can read the earlier report from the New York Daily News below.

Robinson Cano’s free agency has become the testing ground for Jay Z’s opening run as a baseball agent. It appeared that Cano- who spent last season with the Yankees- could be headed to the Seattle Mariners but talks have broken down and per the “New York Daily News,” it’s Jay Z’s fault.

Contract talks have broken down “… after Jay Z apparently overplayed his hand in a negotiating session with the Mariners” by asking for a 10-year, $252 million deal following “assurances” that Seattle would do $225 million over nine years. Mariners chief executive officer Howard Lincoln reportedly “exploded” after Jay Z upped the demands mid-meeting.

Keep in mind, that’s what agents are there for. To get the best deal possible for their client and protect their interests. Could this spin have to do with the bitter feelings of some agents have about Jay Z’s entry into the game?

We’ll see.