Rangers Prince Fielder’s wife Chanel was allegedly cheating with 1 of his teammates last season


Prince Fielder was traded from the Detroit Tigers to the Texas Rangers. But recent reports have attributed his down season with the Tigers to infidelity drama. Fielder filed for divorce from his wife Chanel in May. Also in May, Tigers teammate Avisail Garcia was trade to the Chicago Cubs. Now comes the rumor that the trade of Avisail and the divorce filing were related.

First, former Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain hinted to the situation while appearing on the Michigan radio show Doctor & Bentley.

Avisail Garcia

McLain stated that there was a a “a lot of pain with Fielder and a player or two and that the situation was ugly and nasty”

And then there’s this:


Avasail Garcia was sleeping with Prince Fielder’s wife this past season.

When Miguel Cabrera and the team caught wind of what was going on, there was a clubhouse fight. Miggy was sticking up for Fielder and approached Avasail about it in the clubhouse. In this scuffle, Cabrera re-injures himself.

Team quickly trades Garcia in order to cut out the cyst in the clubhouse. And to separate him from Fielder’s wife of course.
Fielder was traded this offseason partially to go in a different direction and make sure that the chemistry wasn’t offset again this coming season.