MLB playoffs fashion face off Tigers Prince Fielder vs. Yankees CC Sabathia [photos]

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Game 3 of the ALCS takes place tonight between the NY Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. Not only will the two teams be facing off on the diamond, there will also quietly be a fashion battle happening. While the NBA has taken the main stage for fashionable (or questionable) jocks, the MLB is quietly making its mark with a bit of traditional styling. Guys like the Dodgers Matt Kemp, Rays Evan Longoria and Yankees Derek Jeter are easy go to choices, today we’re going to check out what looks to expect from the Tigers Prince Fielder and Yankees CC Sabathia who happen to share the same stylist, Paige Geran.

Paige’s name might be unfamiliar to you but I guarantee you’ve seen her work. Paige is an Image Consultant that has worked with everyone from Britney Spears and Kobe Bryant to the Spice Girls and Fox’s Erin Andrews. I recently had a chance to chat with her about what looks she’s pulled together for Prince and CC for the playoffs, who she finds fashionable, what are staple pieces for the stylish man’s wardrobe and what jocks she’d love to work with.

How involved are Prince and CC in the looks you put together for them?

Paige: For CC, his focus is the playoffs. He’s not interested in checking out a bunch of samples and swatches. We have Images conversations but his schedule is hectic, his concerns are comfort but still looking good.

How would you describe their personal style?

Paige: It’s still evolving. A lot of the designer and custom pieces I pull together for them aren’t things they had access to or were aware of before.  They’re starting to get more into it, making requests for items. Prince is edgier, pops of color. but not over the top . CC is more conservative. For the playoffs, I’ve had him in  greens, charcoal black. Very masculine, traditional fall colors. Not a lot of patterns.

What type of looks have you pulled for this playoff series?

Paige: With Prince, in addition to suiting, he’s really into high end casual looks. Lots of custom denim, Givenchy, Dolce and Barbados tees. Custom watches. The details


For CC custom suiting and lots of heavy, bulky knits. Boots, high end sneakers, custom khakis and varsity jackets.

What are your favorite menswear brands right now?

Paige: Tom Ford, Gucci , Dolce. Lavin sneakers, Rag and Bone, Waraire Boswell suits, 3×1 denim,  Style Icon PKG inc. – that’s Paige’s own brand, she not only pulls, she has her own designs as well.

Who do you consider fashionable?
Paige: David Beckham, he has effortless style, Steve Nash – another one with effortless style. Not overly done. He doesn’t get the accolades of other players but his upscale casual looks are a win.

What athlete would you love to give a fashion makeover to?

Paige: There are a few MLB’ers I’d love to work with; Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriquez. Dwight Howard too.  Dwight has a great physique, broad shoulders, a narrow waist, there’s a lot of stuff that would great on him.

What do you consider a wardrobe staple for men?

Paige: Amazing suiting, two and three piece. Plush knits. Charcoal black, grays, beautiful sweaters with distressed jeans.

Fit and tailoring are really important. I want to see men in stuff that is appropriate. Some of the stuff that’s being worn right now is better suited for the  runway or editorial. A lot of that isn’t meant for the streets, especially in the sports world. Slim fits are ok, but painted on clothing is a no. I might be a bit old fashion, but I like to ensure men are masculine.

Right now, Paige’s Instagram is one of my happy places! Make sure you follow her there @PaigeGeran and on Twitter for style tips and and sneak peeks at new fashion. @PaigeGeran


Game 3 of the series kicks off tonight at 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST. The Tigers are up 2-0.