MLB expected to ban Alex Rodriguez from baseball


Things are about to reach a boiling point in Major League Baseball. Commissioner Bud Selig is about to drop the hammer on New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez with a lifetime ban from baseball.

According to Biogenesis documents, Rodriguez allegedly used performance-enhancing drugs from 2010-2012.

Rodriguez’s attorney, David Cornwell has already stated they will appeal any suspension, regardless of the severity. As many as 20 players were originally linked to Biogenesis, a Miami clinic that allegedly provided performance-enhancing drugs, but some players could not be disciplined for lack of evidence. There are other athletes from different sports linked to the clinic as well, including the NBA.

In addition to Rodriguez, there are also said to be eight other players who will receive 50-game suspensions. Other names mentioned include; All-Stars Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers and Jhonny Peralta of the Detroit Tigers and shortstop Everth Cabrera of the San Diego Padres.