Matt Kemp to Padres official after concerns over arthritic hip


A week after it was announced, the trade between the LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres is official. The hang up to the deal being formally announced was reportedly over the health of outfielder Matt Kemp.

Kemp reportedly has arthritis in both hips. Some how that news was leaked and a new beef has formed between the two franchises front offices.

There could be some lingering ill will between the Dodgers’ front office and first-year Padres general manager A.J. Preller because of the belief that Kemp’s physical results were leaked to help San Diego pry further concessions out of its NL West foes, sources said. The Padres did ask for additional compensation from the Dodgers after Kemp’s physical, but Los Angeles refused.

I wonder how Matt and Padres’ Carlos Quentin will get along. The two had a scuffle back in 2013.

I’m sure Matt wants to get back to his 2011 form. I predict he’ll get a steady girlfriend, settle in, and then bounce to the Diamondbacks within the next two years.




It is with a lot of emotion that I say goodbye to the city and the fans who have been there since the beginning of my career. You have given me so much. Your faith and support for the last 9 years through good times and bad, homestands and home runs was showcased through the volume of your cheers and the love for your team. I’m thankful to the Dodgers organization for taking a chance on an Oklahoma kid. I believe we control our paths. The paths we take, control our destiny. I’m excited for the future. God Bless