Kobe Bryant tells ARod to recognize his greatness like he does and he’ll win

Sometimes the difference between good and great simply boils down to your effort and belief. It’s why I always lament that winners have an edge to them, They have to. It takes a lot of gall to believe that you can be better than the best, and that belief can push you to go harder thus producing results. You get the point.

Kobe Bryant mentioned a few days ago that he needed to put in a call to Yankees Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez hasn’t exactly been lighting it up in the playoffs, .143 in the ALCS and .130 with no RBI’s in the entire playoffs, so Kobe felt ARod needed a dose of the Kobe system.

“I just say to him, ‘You’re Alex Rodriguez. You’re A-Rod. You’re one of the best to ever do it,’” Bryant said. “I think sometimes he kind of forgets that and wants to try to do the right thing all the time. Which is the right team attitude to have. But other times you really have to put your head down and say, ‘Hell with it’ and just do your thing.

“Hopefully the next game they’ll kind of give him a chance, maybe put him back at third and let him respond to the pressure, which I think he’ll do.”

“We’re different. But you’re talking about, ‘He’s one of the best to ever play.’ I think really the difference is, sometimes he forgets he’s the best. … Where, I don’t.”

“We know what it takes to get to that level,” he said. “The consistency, the sacrifice, the work ethic, the constant scrutiny, that’s something we all have in common — from golf to cycling to swimming to basketball to baseball.”

Natural born killer!

ARod was benched again for game 3. Tigers win again, 3-0.