Jonathan Papelbon Had To Be Talked Out of Wearing “Obama Can’t Ban These Guns” Shirt to Apology Presser

Humor can often help remove the tension and stress of a situation. A well-timed joke can break the ice and make uncomfortable situations flow more smoothly. But there is an art to inserting a laugh, and if your judgement is questionable, you might want to run your idea pass someone.

Last MLB season, Washington Nationals’ Jonathan Papelbon choked Bryce Harper. It capped a season that was supposed to be a World Series run for the team. The Nationals have a new manager in Dusty Baker, but some believe that Papelbon should’ve been left with the teams’ history.  During a Washington Post piece that examines that topic, an interesting illustration of lack of self awareness surfaced as Papelbon prepared to apologize for the incident.  

Later, he walked the Nats’ complex in a cut-off muscle T-shirt with arrows pointing to big biceps covered in jagged tattoos. The shirt said: “Obama Can’t Ban These Guns.” Pap wanted to wear that shirt to the “apology press conference,” but he was talked out of it.