Dodgers star Matt Kemp & manager Don Mattingly ejected from game [video]

Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp got a little fiesty on Thursday night during the second inning of play against the Pirates. Kemp was EJECTED from the game while sitting in the dugout. Home plate umpire Angel Campos ejected the All-Star for arguing balls and strikes. Kemp struck out to end the first inning, and his ejection came four pitches into Andre Ethier’s at bat to lead off the second.

 But the story doesn’t end there, after Kemp was tossed, he came off the bench along with Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, who came out to protect Kemp. Kemp immediately got in the face of the umpire, and had to be restrained by Shane Victorino, bench coach Trey Hillman, and partially by Mattingly while he argued with the umpire. Kemp also ended up bumping Campos before being taken off the field. Mattingly kept up the fight with the umpires and was ejected himself while apparently arguing about the merits of Kemp getting ejected.

Dodgers lose 10-6.