Dodgers and FoxSports in talks for a new $4 billion Cable agreement

FoxSports West may have lost the broadcast rights to the Lakers but, they’re gearing up for a blockbuster deal with the Dodgers! Formal talks can’t begin until Oct. 15, but preliminary discussions have begun for a new cable pact.

Last year, Fox and former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt struck a 20-year, $3B deal that included a provision giving the Dodgers 30% of the Fox Sports channel. But, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig did not allow that pact to proceed. Citing a source familiar with the current talks, Reuters reports the renewal being discussed since May would “almost certainly exceed” the kiboshed deal and include joint ownership of English and Spanish language channels. According to the Reuters source, no financials have been discussed, but sports consultant Marc Ganis said the new deal could cost $4B or more. Fox and the Dodgers’ current deal expires at the end of next year.

Now all of those deals the Dodgers are making seem to be making some since. If the team nets a $4B TV deal, does it soften the blow of some of the trades the team made in an effort to get to the world series?