Cubs fire team psychologist because he had unprofessional relationship with players


Sometimes athletes need to speak with a psychologist to discuss the pressures of the game. But what happens if the professional charged to help thinks he’s a member of the team? That’s the situation that took place with the Chicago Cubs and their sports psychologist, Marc Strickland.

Stricklandwas fired over the weekend because apparently, he thought he played for the Cubs:

Not only was Strickland available for consultation with players, the specialist in sports psychology had his own locker at home and on the road, dressed in team workout gear and played catch and shagged balls before games during batting practice.

Early in his first year in the majors, Strickland even stood in the dugout tunnel at Wrigley Field after victories, bumping fists with players as though he was part of the team.

Maybe he used playing catch to make the players comfortable, or chat about things that were bothering them. :shrug: