Could a François’s langur monkey be the key to the San Francisco Giants success?

Good luck charms and the World Series seems to be connected. Last season the Cardinals had a squirrel that randomly ran across the field, the San Francisco Giants seem to have a acquired a baby monkey. The Giants were behind to the Cardinals 3-1  in the NLCS, when the monkey, a François’s langur was born at the San Francisco zoo who just happened to sport the teams colors, orange and black.

Since then the Giants not only came back and won the NLCS pennant, they also have won the first two games against the Detroit Tigers who many felt were the superior team.

Monkey doesn’t have a name yet but if the Giants go all the way, Lucky or Giant seem to be easy choices.

Random yet related, the Giants also haven’t loss since they had Lil Wayne lead the seventh inning stretch… I mean since we’re claiming lucky charms and stuff.