Cleveland Indians say “me too” with their own “Harlem Shake” video [Video]

2013 Cleveland Indians- Harlem Shake.Con Los Terroristas

You thought the barrage of “Harlem Shake” videos was over? Nope, with the MLB opening day around the way, you know a team had to capitalize. Shout out to Nick Swisher and the Cleveland Indians:

Interested in a character list? I got you, a guide to who was what.

Con Los Terroristas:

Ubaldo Jiménez: Reno 911
Brett Myers: WWE Champion
Michael Brantley: Steve Urkel
Rich Hill: Eater Bunny
Matt Capps: Penguin
Juan Diaz: Mummy
Joe Martinez: Spider Man
Trevor Bauer: Scarecrow
Terry Francona: Baby
Nick Swisher: OSU Football player
Justin Masterson: Grizzly Bear
Jason Giambi: Green man
Chris Perez and David Huff: Dumb & Dumber

I always think it’s interesting to guess why people choose costumes. What do you think the motivation is behind some of these choices?