7th Inning Brawl Between Royals and White Sox Leads To 5 Ejections [Video]


A bench clearing brawl went down Thursday night. The Kansas City Royals are the defending American League Champs. They’ve kicked off the 2015 season with wins and throwing blows.

Last weekend the team got into a series-long brawl with the Oakland A’s after what the team considered a dirty slide by A’s third baseman Brett Lawrie. To give Lawrie a taste of his own medicine, a fastball flew extremely close to his head.

The aggressiveness continued on Thursday when a brawl erupted between the Royals and the Chicago White Sox during the 7th inning. The tipping point?

A groundball was hit back up the middle at pitcher (and staff ace) Yordano Ventura, who inexplicably yelled “fuck you” at the guy who hit it (Sox outfielder Adam Eaton). After the minor fight ended, three Royals (Ventura, Lorenzo Cain and Edison Volquez) were ejected alongside two Sox (Jeff Samardzija and tonight’s other starting pitcher Chris Sale).