Marshawn Lynch says “I’m just here not to get fined” [Video]


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch handled his 4 minutes at the podium for Super Bowl media day like he has recent interviews. With one phrase for whatever question presented to him, “I’m only here so i don’t get fined”

Dolphins Brent Grimes’ wife Miko blasts NFL on Twitter


I believe in the old adage, choose your battles wisely. In my eyes, strategic attacks usually work out better than social media blitzes. But the wife of Miami Dolphins CB Brent Grimes took a different approach on Twitter Monday.

NFL will penalize Seahawks if Marshawn Lynch grabs crotch during Super Bowl


The NFL is focused on convincing Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch to fall in line. In addition to his battle with the media, they also aren’t happy with Lynch’s “Hold my D**k” touchdown celebrations. They’ve fined him, and now the plan is to penalize the Seahawks if he does it during the Super Bowl.

Marshawn Lynch fined $20K for post-touchdown celebration


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has lost a lot of money in fines this season. Most of Beast Mode’s fines has been related to him “skirting” his media obligations. But today the NFL hit Lynch with a $20,000 fine for his “hold my di*k” post-touchdown celebration.

Investigation finds Patriots game balls were underinflated


Is this spygate the sequel? The New England Patriots are in hot water for alleged shady tactics once again. The NFL has found that 11 of the 12 Patriots footballs used in Sunday’s AFC title game were under-inflated by 2 lbs each.

NFC an AFC Championship Games Schedule


It’s GAME DAY in the NFL. Are you ready? Got all your snacks, and perhaps an adult beverage in place? The NFC and AFC championship games are today. Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks, and the Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots.

NFL investigating alleged text messages sent to Cleveland Browns sidelines


This season it felt like there was more drama off the field for the NFL than the play that was taking place on the gridiron. The National Football League is reportedly investigating reports that clain members of the Cleveland Browns organization were sending text messages to the sideline during games. A violation of the league’s […]

NFL back in LA? Rams owner to build stadium in Inglewood near The Forum


It’s been 21 years since LA has had an NFL team. The city has become like a horse chasing after a carrot on a stick when it comes to a team coming back. Various fake outs, being used as leverage to get new stadiums built in respective cities, it feels like a dream that will […]