The Toronto Blue Jays Celebrate Division Title In Epic Fashion [Video]

Drake started it off this summer and the Toronto Blue Jays brought it home in the fall. Toronto wants you to pay attention, especially to their sports teams right now.

MLB Network Analyst Darryl Hamilton Victim In Murder-Suicide

Sunday afternoon in Houston, the body of former Major League outfielder and baseball broadcast analyst Darryl Hamilton was discovered at a suburban home. Police believe Hamilton was shot by his girlfriend, 44-year-old Monica Jordan.

Chris Rocks Tackles Why There Aren’t More Blacks In Baseball [Video]

African-American participation in baseball has been on a rapid decline for years. There are several reasons that can be attributed to this phenomenon. Comedian Chris Rock took on the topic during a recent episode on HBO’s Real Sports.

Angels Josh Hamilton Suffers Drug Relapse

Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton suffered a relapse this offseason with alcohol and cocaine use. Hamilton alerted Major League Officials in New York, before they discovered it during his mandated weekly drug tests.

Salute Jackie Robinson West Little League Team

The kids from Jackie Robinson West, a Chicago little league team that became the first all black team to make it to the Little League World Series championship since 1981.

Houston Astros Gift Derek Jeter With Pinstriped Cowboy Boots [Photo]

The 2014 will be Yankees’ star Derek Jeter’s final MLB season. As Jeter embarks on his farewell tour, different teams will be sending him off with retirement “gifts.” The Houston Astros kicked things off giving him a pair of pinstriped cowboy boots.

Brewers’ Ryan Braun Receives Warm Welcome By Fans [Video]

Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun made his return to the diamond Monday night after serving a 65-game suspension following a PED scandal.

Dodgers have highest payroll in MLB

Here’s yet another way that LA beats New York, although, I’m not sure if this is the victory you’re looking for. The Dodgers have overtaken the Yankees’ 15-year run as the team having the highest payroll in the MLB.