Kevin Durant & Brandon Jennings Engage In Some Harmless Twitter Beef

One of my favorite things about Twitter is that some days, it’s like sitting in the gym listening in on those conversations players have when they’re waiting for their next game. Brandon Jennings and Kevin Durant had an exchange on Twitter last night that covered; Why it’s ok for Kobe to play for the Drew-if […]

Capital Punishment: L.A. Drew League vs. D.C.’s Goodman League Game To Feature Kevin Durant, John Wall, Brandon Jennings And More.

NBA lockout. No summer league. The NBA players are still staying in shape and giving fans a way to see them for free with both the Goodman and Drew leagues. Based in D.C. and L.A. respectfully, these two grassroots pro-am have received a lot of press lately. Now the two will face off against each […]

Bucks PG Brandon Jennings Highlight Reel Self Alley-opp Pass & Dunk

No summer league means every pro-am in the country gets a little love. Bucks PG Brandon Jennings had a highlight dunk- where he threw the ball of the back board first- at the Melo center. (Cause all point guards should be able to pass!)

Behind The Scenes Look At L.A.’s Drew League [Video]

The Drew League has gone national! Blame the lockout for all the attention this league has been receiving. Those true basketball lovers in the L.A. area have known about the runs at Washington park for years. writer Sam Amick recently spent a day at the league and shot some great footage and a few […]