Cavs Issue Statement Regarding Tone-Deaf In-Game Promo Video


The Cleveland Cavaliers have issued a statement/apology related to an in-game promo that ran during Wednesday night’s playoff game against the Chicago Bulls.

NBA Playoffs Round 2 Schedule and Predictions


Round 2 of the NBA playoffs tipped off Sunday. Both the Warriors and Wizards won Sunday, continuung their unbeaten playoff streak this year.

Jill’s 2015 NBA 1st Round Playoff Predictions


It’s finally here. The NBA playoffs kick off today! Of course we had to wait until the last day of the season to find out what some of the match up would be.

2015 NBA Playoffs Schedule Round 1


The NBA season came to an end Wednesday night. Several playoff races went right down to the wire, with a couple of perennial playoff favorites missing the cut.

Assessing the Derrick Rose Impact (if any) on the 2015 NBA Playoffs


Can you believe it? We’re just a couple of days away from the start of the 2015 NBA Playoffs and excitement is slowly building for this 16-team basketball extravaganza. One of the intriguing subplots of this year’s competition is the much-awaited postseason return of Derrick Rose.

Did Joakim Noah Call LeBron James a Pu**y? [Video]


Joakim Noah is the heart of the Chicago Bulls. Noah isn’t the guy who you see all over being friendly with an opposing team’s players.

Chicago Artist Dedicates Shrine to Derrick Rose and Injured Knees


Pour out a little liquor in the memory of our fallen homies…or if you’re in Chicago, in the name of Derrick Rose’s bad knees.

Craig Sager Returns To NBA Sidelines After 11-Month Absence [Video]


Thursday night’s match up between the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder on TNT was also a welcome back party for sideline reporter Craig Sager.