Tristan Thompson’s Name Missing From Newborn Son’s Birth Certificate

Cavs Tristan Thompson has been busy flossing with fur, diamonds and Patek Philippe timepieces while hanging out with his girlfriend Khloé Kardashian.  Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig gave birth to their son, Prince Oliver Craig Thompson on December 12. 

TMZ Sports obtained the birth certificate and Tristan hasn’t signed it even though Prince has his last name. In California, the father must be present in order for his name to be placed on the birth certificate however, his name can be added later.


Word is that Thompson might also be awaiting the results of a DNA test before formally acknowledging Prince.

In the meantime, Check out Thompson’s $70K worth of Christmas Day gifts from Khlo and their matching fur game.


❤️ @khloekardashian #DontBustDownQuality #PatekPhilippe #LorraineSchwartz

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Is that a ring on Khloe’s left hand. You think she’s dropping engagement hints? She is making every effort to spend as much time in Cleveland as possible to stay close to bae…


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from me and mines, to you and yours.

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Jordy is about that snapback life. She posted this photo to her Insta Story less than a week after giving birth.

  • Rosemary Davis

    I think he maybe waiting for the results of the DNA test, because he originally told Khloe he wasn’t the father,but it seems to me he should have had the results by now if he took the test,he’s doing what Dwayne Wade did, only to find out that he was 99% the father,which will break Khloe’s heart because she can’t get pregnant, but she didn’t have this problem with all the other men she’s dated, like French Montana and James Harden,they had no kids so stay tune,for more baby mama drama.

  • Diva Denise

    French Montana indeed has a son. His sons mother complained as well about French not spending enough time with him. These women need to stop having these babies, ESPECIALLY if you not even married. These men don’t care, and there isn’t a court in the world that will ORDER a man to spend time with his child – they’ll order them to pay child support, etc. – but order them to spend time, it’s not happening! And, lets be serious, do you REALLY think Tristan and Khloe care what people think and blog on social media? I despise the saying, but it rings true; ‘The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants’. And neither man, woman or child can prevent it. These Tristan and Ne-Yo type men are the worse. But God has a way of getting back at people who take pleasure in dragging other people down. If you’re lucky, sometimes God lets you watch. :-‘)

  • ms.s

    It’s sad that khloe, is going the low cut throat route. Tacky and trashy, and the way she got Tristan, will be the way she will lose him. Wow! it a shame that khloe, had to pay Trista, 80,000.00 for his sperm(s) and a promised reality show. I wonder who will be watching? I know I will not be tuning in I never have and not starting now. Whether khloe, wants to accept the fact that she is doing exactly what kim, did to Kris Humphries. Khloe, dating a kid who is denying his innocent precious son for her with all her faked botox, fake butt,lips,and the only real thing on her might be her camel toe she talks about all the time. Khloe, has no heart,remorse,no class, and she will reap deeper pain larger than her fake storylines on Lamar Odom. Khloe, has this deep emptiness of not having a baby who doesn’t care because this is her track record of creating stupid storylines hurting other people. Remember how kim, was dating kanye, behind Kris Humphries, back then while still married to the man kim get a full belly of kanye, or that prince in Dubai, who is really the daughter of that prince in Dubai. Nwtthp/nori-seaweed/nori/north/ignore, might look like kanye, but is she really kanye’s child, and why does kim, always traveling back and forth to the USA and Dubai. Khloe, has paid thousands for Tristan sperm, it will be interesting if khloe will turn out to be the FOOL, fall girl of buying her love from a kid not a decent man that ignore his infant son. Stay tune.

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