What? Beyonce says “Bow down Bit**es” [audio]


If Super Bowl was the countdown, Beyonce has just hit ignition. On a quiet little Sunday afternoon that saw the Heat win game #22 in a row and the Clippers beat the Knicks… King B hit chicks in the head with this:
“Took some time 2 live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife. Don’t get it twisted. This my shit.” -Bey


Bow Down Bitches, I been on:



“Rachet Bey” is here for the turn up! From her Instagram name, “Baddie Bey” to her throwing up Houston’s third ward at the Grammys.


Beyonce is taking you back to her hood side. Most people don’t remember when Beyonce was more outspoken. Shading her former group members in interviews and what not. This album is for the streets. Well as far as a pop star of Beyonce’s magnitude can go. I’m here for it! Let’s go Mrs. Carter! I think Beyonce just gave me my new theme song!


song via I am Beyonce

  • Mai

    Really? Ms. Jill, Are we promoting this on such a beautiful day? Ain’t nothing hood about Ms Bey Bey. This chick has reached the top of her game and like so many other artist, she bored with herself and she know the only direction she can go is down,

    And I’m so tired of these Jack and Jill and The Links kids thinking if i can curse 10 times and I play dress up “I’m Hood” And just because the drug dealer came to the “good neighborhood” and married you, Don’t Make You Hood” !

    Shaking My Head!!!!


  • StilettoJill

    I think she’s going back to her roots. I remember the early years of DC. I think she has tightened up over the years to appeal to a broader audience. Now is this partially a marketing ploy? Absolutely, but I think it’s authentic. But, I do believe that sometimes you have to let people know what it is! Not everyday but occasionally