Vanessa Bryant looking for a New York apartment?

Ready for your Kobe and Vanessa Bryant update? Just a few days ago the word was that Kobe was going hard in the paint to win Vanessa back. Promising to never let a sidechick come between them again and of course, showering her with gifts and trinkets.

But there’s a new interesting twist added to the mix today. Vanessa is said to be looking at real estate in New York partially on the belief that Laker fans and some of the Laker significant others (really whose left, D-Fish’s wife and Gasol’s girlfriend) hate her. And the caveat, Kobe is aware of Vanessa’s east coast apartment search.

It’s chess not checkers. Well played Mrs. Bryant.

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    Wow!!!  Why are sniffing after Vanessa Bryant?!?! Ms. Jill I  thought that your blog was part ESPN? but it’s more like Prez Hilton Gossip Column, and don’t say if I don’t like….. It’s not you have hundred of folks replying to you.

  • Then stick to the topics that are strictly on court or on field. How hard is that? There’s lots of discussion about the Lakers on court problems and needs. Knicks, Clippers and others. As I’ve said to you Mai, you have several options including, going to a site that you feel is more in line with your interests.