Vanessa Bryant Discovered Kobe’s Cheating From A Teammate’s Wife?

Ladies stick together. No surprises here, Vanessa allegedly found out about Kobe’s “cheating” from one of his teammates’ wives. Apparently the jocks would go home and spill all the dirty details about Kobe’s activities with other women to their significant others.

The ladies in turn have each other’s backs and share information. We all know Kobe isn’t the most trusting individual. Wonder which guy shared too many details.

Personally I’ve always found that guys give the best dirt. :shrug: Remember that story during the playoffs about Pau’s alleged cheating being revealed by Vanessa? Looks like where there’s smoke, there is fire.

The Lakers signed Troy Murphy over the weekend. A one-year band-aid. I feel like Kobe looks in this picture from Friday after news broke of he and Vanessa’s divorce. The couple attended a Christmas recital together. Vanessa looks really happy.

Curtsy to TMZ

To check out more photos of Kobe and Vanessa, go HERE

  • FeeFee

    Awwww, he’s giving the Kim Kardashian sad divorce face 🙁

  • OhPlease

    Oh Please….. It was a WOMAN who injected herself into the relationship in the first place. And on top that, there have been other WOMEN involved with Kobe since the marriage. So please get over yourself with this [email protected] about “ladies stick together.” But, I guess when you think about it, we all do;with each other’s man.

  • John F

    I’m a Laker fan and like Kobe as a player, but with the way this guy burns bridges with teammates, friends and now his wife, the guy is going to grow old and die alone.

  • No it was the MAN who took his vows.

  • Tori

    I dont believe the TMZ story..I just think as always they are want to add more juice to the fire/make it more entertaining.

    Like you said yourself Jill…Vanessa knew. And from ALL accts I hear Kobe is VERY private and barely talks to any of his teammates…another reason D Fish is important to that locker room.

  • Kira

    Um…Im not believing this one. I think people just want this story to have more lives that it already has. The papers BEEN signed.

    Also Jill, the original story said “TeammateS wives”. Just a little correction there.

  • Kira

    Is this a recent pic?

    Has it occured to anyone that they were both ready to get out that relationship. Because the fact that the public went 2 weeks without knowing shows they werent trying to get crazy in the public etc.

  • well the Kobe not talking to teammates thing, I think that was awhile ago, I think he was very comfortable socially around the teams of the last few years. People are assuming Vanessa just woke up one morning and filed. I think this has been in the works for awhile. It was handled swiftly and methodically.

    I actually think this is quite true but the assumption is that it all happened right before she filed.

  • Sarah

    Now I do believe the divorce was in the works for a while…they had not looked happy together for a minute. As far as this story..who knows…may be true, may not be.

    If anything I would say Matt…him and Gloria…all I can do is smh. lol. He gossips like a female and they both want to be a part of the “in crowd” in LA…

  • Yes that photo is from Friday at a Christmas recital for one of their daughters. They came together and left together.

    I do believe that they were unhappy for awhile which is why I think this story is plausible. I don’t think that it’s what caused her to file but, things add up and everyone has a limit.

  • Kim

    I do agree with Jill about them being unhappy for a while…you could see it.

    @Sarah…while it could be ANYONE, IF true. I would say either Matt or DFish. I remember reading how close Derek’s wife and Vanessa are. And yeah smh @ Matt and Gloria, they both are too much for me, after that “acting as if they loved each other” that they did on reality TV to “advance their celebrity” anything is possible with those two.

  • If we are throwing random ideas out. My GUESS (meaning I have no backing info for this theory) would actually be Monica, Shannon brown’s wife.

  • Kira

    Although I do not 100% believe the story. My GUESS would def not be Monica or Khloe to be honest…even people are throwing out their names because they are the most “famous.”….

    If anyone knows the most about Kobe on that team, its DFish.

    But like Jill said, all this is a GUESS..NOTHING anyone is saying is FACT.

  • TOI

    As a Lakers fan, I am over it and ready for the season to start. Vanessa knew for years….I just think she got tired of it. And IF one, 2, 3 or whoever’s wife told her it was not the 1st time she had heard it and I doubt it was the “deciding factor.”

    Now time for some basketball!

  • Keri

    I seriously doubt it is/was Monica (and Khloe for that matter…someone on twitter said her).

    People forget how close her and DFish’s wife are…for YEARS!

  • Adrian

    “Our sources says Kobe’s teammates were blabbing to their women about the superstar’s exploits … and those women in turn gave Vanessa the heads up.” – from TMZ

    As reported IF true, it was more than one player. I honestly have no idea who told her if any of them did, but it def was NOT the deciding factor on why they

  • true, it also says “wives” but I think that could mean significant other as well.

  • Stan

    He’s a scumbag.

  • Leslie

    Why would people assume that anyone had to tell Vanessa anything? She’s been married to Kobe for 10 years. She knows him better than anyone. Was it another wife that informed Vanessa of Kobe’s exploits in Colorado? Vanessa has known about Kobe’s cheating before the Colorado incident even occured. She just played her role in public. She’s tired of playing the role now and ready to get on with her life.

  • Leslie

    I don’t believe anyone told Vanessa anything unless it was the private investigator she hired but for sh*ts and giggles I’ll say it was Gloria Govan, who was hoping it would lead to Vanessa joining the cast of BBW:LA.

  • Leslie

    Cause we all know that show is in need of a spark. Did it get picked up for a 2nd season?

  • It did well ratings wise. There will be a season two. Why would anyone have to tell her? “Wives” always keep other wives in the loop because there may come a time when they’ll want/need to know what’s going on with their significant other.

  • Ashley

    Just seeing the TMZ story *shrugs

    I do not think its true. Furthermore, people need to be careful throwing out names etc.

  • Leslie

    If “wives” truly do that then they probably shouldn’t be wives. My point is Vanessa has known about Kobe’s cheating probably since it started. She didn’t need anyone to tell her. She just played her role for all these years and now she’s ready to move on.

  • No one is claiming that it’s “teammate A” or “player’s wife B.” Obviously she had proof from Colorado but Marriage vows consist of a line for better or worst. Perhaps for her at that time it was worth fighting for and giving him another chance.

    Not sure that it’s a news flash that pro athlete wives (and others) confide in each other and put one another up on game.

  • Leslie

    Maybe Kris Humphries was the person who told Vanessa. I mean why should he be the only one going through a divorce this holiday season?

  • Leslie

    Maybe it was one of the sidepieces that ran her mouth to Vanessa. H*es can only keep their mouths closed for so long. Ask Tiger Woods.

  • Kobe is a geat player…a pretty good guy in most repsects.
    he likes money and power. His money gives him power with women and he is
    is an addict . What he needs is treatment.
    The mrs liked the money and fame. She got her just due. She embodies the Hillary Clinton ethic.
    She has always known he is a sex addict. Period. She deserves no sympathy at all.

  • McRaider

    Who Gives a fuck! What Basketball star doesn’t fuck around. Wake up and smell the………………..roses! ?

  • Jay1

    This is the scenario. 10 years of marriage equals half of $150 mil. Do the math. Vanessa I give you kudo’s for sticking it out, oh yeah and you get to keep your concession prize, the $5-mil ring from the Colorado escapade. Let’s see, she will get alimony, child support, the $4mil home, and various sundries, oh and half of his income. Now that’s how you clean Kobe’s clock.

  • fingerssfv

    Where the heck was Jelly Bean during all this marriage to a ‘wrong person’? Somebody needed to school Kobe long before he made that stupid decision. Didn’t he know about females? Obviously not. His cheating showed that. His marriage minus the prenuptial also showed he was about to get screwed with Vaseline and the rest of us knew it. Too bad nobody (Shaq, Joe, Kobe’s mom, anyone he’d listen to-an attorney, someone, anyone) but that obviously never occurred. Now this piece of garbage gold digging sh*t female, just like the one in Colorado, only Vanessa got to him first, gets to shove the big one right back. Well, its his own fault. If he would only had common sense. Prenuptial, have body guards with him, despite his aching to cheat, to prevent him from pulling one of those boneheaded moves like, say… cheating on his wife. I just hope this blows over real quick-like, so life can move on, but unfortunately, this is big news. “Kobe Gets Screwed Back.” That should be the headline. Or how ’bout this one? : “What Comes Around, Goes Around.”

  • BullGod

    who fucking cares yo

  • you do