V. Stivano Hints She Has A 4-Year-Old Daughter By Donald Sterling [Photo]


Take this with a grain of salt. We haven’t heard from V. Stiviano is a few weeks. Friday night on Instagram, V. posted a photo of herself and a little girl whom she claims is her four-year-old daughter named Madison. The added twist, V. is implying that the dad is Donald Sterling…


Sterling is about to get that $2 billion from the sale of the Clippers, I hope he and Mrs. Sterling are ready for a possible addition to the family trust.


I guess all you need is a paparazzi visor to get some attention.


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  • wtf is this heaux saying?
    First she claim she never fucked with ORB now she say she got kid with that Old Racist Bastard…

  • davisandrew884

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  • StilettoJill


  • Wyatt Lowther

    she now wants her cut of the $2B.

  • John Andre

    She ought to give Steve Spurrier that visor…though the Ball Coach will probably throw it on the ground next time the Vols score against the Gamecocks!

  • vagene steveamo

    How can she have a kid when she is a shemale?

  • thadea

    She was only an ‘assistant’ … heh

  • Schmitty

    Does Massengill not pay her enough?

  • Jay

    How many guys does she have to blow to make $7220?

  • Jebrolis

    Get a DNA swab immediately..! Unbelievable what money and power can force people into doing.! A real bang for the buck I guess ?

  • Reggie53

    I thought we had thrown out the trash already. Who put it back in??????

  • tom tremaine

    that will be revealed in season 2 of, ‘the sterlings’ …

  • tom tremaine

    how did you get back in?

  • GrizzledPete

    My friend makes $20 million by kneeling in front of Donald Sterling.

  • GrizzledPete

    She is blowing the wrong guys. She needs an intro with Sterling.

  • Can’t this woman just go away?