Tim & Amy Duncan’s divorce finalized


In a secret hearing, the divorce between San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan and his now ex-wife, Amy has been finalized. The hearing was held during Judge David A. Canales lunch hour at the offices of Tim Duncan’s lawyer. It also wasn’t placed on the public docket because both parties had “paparazzi” concerns.

Really, let me find out San Antonio is like West Hollywood with tons of paps and TMZ cameras.

A breakdown on division of assets and child custody has not been released, but there was a document during the proceedings that requested trainer and business partner of Amy Duncan, Gilbert R. Urbano Jr. be barred from being “around the children at any time or at any place, including being in the same house, work establishment or school or social function as the children. Including bedtime.


Tim hired a private investigator to check up on Amy’s relationship with Urbano. Amy and Urbano have recently opened a Crossfit training facility.

While Tim had concerns that Amy was hitting her downward dog with the trainer, there were also rumors that Amy allegedly had her own infidelity concerns with Tim.



  • QPhysics

    “Tim hired a private investigator to check up on Amy’s relationship with Urbano whom she recently opened a Crossfit training facility together.”
    This level (i.e., kindergarten) writing makes the entire piece incomprehensible.

    “…secret meeting…”
    “…has not been released.”
    Do you have any facts to go with this “story,” or is it all just an attempt to be the first to write something, anything, about the subject?

    And why is all the stuff about Mr. Duncan’s friend in bold, red letters?

  • otisrneedleman

    My best to Tim Duncan. Better days lie ahead for him.

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  • eif7ieba