The Assist: Serena Williams Hits South Beach [photos]

Serena Williams is back on the practice court but she always makes time to hit the beach in Miami for a little fun. Spotted out in a pink bikini top and leopard bottoms I’m sure nobody has any complaints about her taking a brief break. Check out the rest of the pictures:

Summer is almost here! I see you Serena, who needs to wait until then!

curtsy to BSO

  • buster

    Looks like Rue Paul to me.

  • charles

    ahhhh, no thanks!

  • Russ

    oh serena…get a towel…a big one

  • Jill

    Wow you guys are harsh! tough crowd

  • chauncey

    Mmmmmm! I’d love to part her ass cheeks and ram my crank deep up her ass, and then spurt a load into her.

  • Jill

    ummmm WOW. ok

  • tmrr

    Amazing is right! but not in a good way. Wow, that’s the most junk in the trunk I have seen in along time, there has to be a dozen or so rackets in there as well.

  • Larry Thompson

    She is the hottest woman i have ever seen.I would clean her shoes 24/7 just to see her smile.

  • Ocie

    You like!!! Huh Chauncey baby?

  • bernard walker

    Wow people can be so mean I cannot believe some of the ugly statements made about serena. Shes’ beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Serena is rael a beautiful woman her figure is quite good like her career.

  • nonyabuzness

    She looks like a linebacker for real!

  • Wow, all the negative posts must be from white people who prefer skinny anorexic looking women with flat behinds.