Tawanna Iverson takes Allen Iverson to court to receive 13 years worth of child support payments in 1 lump sum


Allen Iverson’s ex-wife Tawanna wants to make sure that no matter what financial ups and downs the former NBA superstar endures, his children will always be provided for. Tawanna has taken AI to court a few times in order to make him pay the $8,000 in child support Iverson owes monthly for their five kids. Now she’s asking a judge to make AI pay his child support in one lump sum, to cover payments through October 2026, 13 years – the point when their youngest would reach 18.

Tawanna would like $1.272 million placed in a trust. Tawanna would draw the $8,000 per month from there and potentially earn a bit of interest on the funds for the children as well.

Doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request when you factor in Iverson’s reported financial issues.

  • chris

    You can’t get blood out of a turnip. AI is broke like the rest of us. I loved watching that guy play, he gave it his all and then some. Hope he can make cash doing the autograph shows and what not. He belongs in the Hall of Fame in my opinion.

  • malakiazul

    He’s not broke. He’s lucky someone locked away millions for him to have access to when/if he turns 50.

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  • aeph3eeme

    Why don’t you read a newspaper that’s not 3 years old?

  • aeph3eeme

    Are you enrolled in the ACA?