Shaq wants to block kids from appearing on Shaunie O’Neal’s new reality show


VH1’s “Basketball Wives” Miami has clearly run it’s course. Creator and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal had plans for her own spin off show, “The Shaunie Project,” that would focus on her life as a mother to five children. However, ex-husband Shaq has put his foot down, blocking her from allowing the four children they share together to appear.

Shaq reportedly feels as though Shaunie won’t be able to keep the promise of it being a “good wholesome show” so the two are scheduled in court on Thursday where Shaunie will attempt to convince a judge to override Shaq’s feelings. The show is scheduled to begin shooting in January.

Shaq is not buying it and feels there are too many pressures imposed by producers — to be able to keep the show wholesome.  He’s convinced the show will end up showcasing a dysfunctional family that will hurt his kids, some of whom are already struggling in school.  Shaq believes no good can come from cameras in the home.

The irony in all of this is that Shaq actually opened the door for Shauie to jump on this reality TV train. Absolutely can understand his concerns, but honestly, I don’t think there’s an audience waiting to see this show happen.
We’ll have to wait to see what the judge decides.
  • Buck Wylde

    Kudos to you Shaq, what you’re saying is real “grown-man/father” talk.
    I can fully agree, having seen the shows that spawned the spin off, that the producers will gear this show toward maintaining the “B-ball Wives” market share/ audience, and thus ensure that there is nothing good for your kids that can come from their being in another “TI & Tiny” minus the father presence.

  • Cali

    Meaning he doesn’t want his kids to end up like “keeping up with that disgusting K family”? Good for him, if some of the kids are already having problems in school how the hell will cameras following them nonstop help? There’s no such thing as a “wholesome” reality show, who does shawnie think she is the freakin “Duggars”! This woman just got a taste of fame from basketball wives and now she’s hooked on it. Keep the kids out of it, she just wants to turn them into fame/money hungry monsters for her own personal benefit. Sick!

  • aivoo6chei

    Remember Billy Tauzin? He’s the reason US citizens pay hundreds of times more for US drugs than people outside the US pay.