Raiders RB Darren McFadden’s 86-carat diamond and sapphire Razorback hologram chain [video]

Oakland Raiders RB Darren McFadden recently purchased an 86-carat hologram chain. The chain is made up of diamonds and sapphires. From one view it shows his number 20 and when the light hits the pendant, the other view is the Arkansas razorbacks logo.


The price tag on this lil bauble, a little over $90,000.


To see the full interview, Check out The Lunch Box

  • Fred Munk

    What a dumb ass

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  • Tonymaldo6872

    I’m a fan of Mcfadden but let’s be for real. This NFL player are paid way too much

  • Funfan20

    Last time i checked.. Arkansa didn’t pay him all that money. He should have gotten a Raider Logo!

  • Klee1976

    DMac started out as a Razorback.  He wouldn’t be where he is today if he didn’t honor the Hog.  I respect that.  And now that he is a Raider, he honors that as well.  Very respectful even if 86 carats is excessive.  DMac – Fay’ville misses you!!!

  • Chilez

    A fool and his money are soon parted………What an IDIOT.

  • Lionkng101

    Did he play a full season with the razorbacks because he hasn’t played a full season for the Raiders i wish he would earn the money he gets paid.Woozz

  • Lionkng101

    He blows money like he helped blow our season. I actually thought he was going to step up last year and play. Too bad its not like a real job and you get paid fro working not sitting on the sideline…

  • sports fan

    So you guys are dissin on a guy who spends his own money on something he wanted and liked…. makes sense…. ALL professioal athletes are “over paid”….. I mean they are getting millions for playing a game right?  Most people that had that kind of $$ would spend it on something that us “normal” people would call stupid… get over yourselves…  He also bought his mom a new house, gave $$ to charities back home…. he stupid for that too?  Calling someone that spends his own money on what he wants an idiot and other names, that takes some brains right there…  geesh….  Who is the real idiot the player or the owner who pays said athletes all these millions????