Pilar Sanders sent to jail for 7 days


Pilar Sanders, the ex-wife of former Dallas Cowboys’ star and NFL analyst Deion Sanders, has been sentenced to seven days in jail. Pilar was jailed on Tuesday for failing to honor the terms of her divorce regarding their three children.


Pilar reportedly didn’t return the kids by the designated time and was sentenced by the judge.

Deion Sanders testified that his ex-wife did not return the children after her visitation for the summer expired on July 31. He testified that he ended up retaining an attorney, who subsequently got a court order to retrieve the children.

The judge found her in contempt for failing to return her children with Deion Sanders as ordered in the divorce decree. He ordered her to be jailed 30 days, but then suspended and probated that sentence. Still, as part of the probation she must serve a week behind bars in county lock-up.

As the bailiff was taking her into custody, Pilar Sanders objected to the proceedings. She was then escorted out of the courtroom.

In addition to not returning the kids in time and accusing her ex-husband of child abuse, Pilar went on to file a kidnapping complaint after having to return the kids.

After the children were returned to their father, Pilar Sanders filed a kidnapping complaint with Child Protective Services, who in turn contacted Celina Police. Because of the court order allowing the children to be taken, no charges were pursued.

CPS investigator Nicholas Valenzuela testified that allegations of abuse and neglect of the Sanders children were investigated and ruled out.

As result, Deion Sanders continues with his defamation lawsuit filed last month against his ex-wife for $1 Million. Pilar posted these videos last September to her YouTube page.

  • Renaissance Man

    Come on Pilar. What’s going on lady? I’m not siding with Deion or Pilar on their prior history, because I haven’t paid close enough attention. But dammit man…this kind of stuff just does not look good. This video man…huuuuuh.

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