Pacers Paul George expecting a baby with Miami stripper [photos]

Looks like Pacers star Paul George is about to become a father. The NBA All-Star has reportedly gotten a Miami stripper named Daniela pregnant. Daniela is expecting a girl and allegedly turned down a million dollar payday not to move forward with the pregnancy.


Daniela used to work at Tootsie’s in Miami. You ready for the twist, George is currently dating someone else. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers daughter, Callie Rivers. That’s probably going to change once she finds out about his new daughter.

George recently signed an $90 million-extension with the Pacers.

Condoms… they eliminate so many issues.

  • Questionable

    What proof of this do you have? I don’t see any sources in your article. I mean, I can post in the comments that Kobe Bryant is my real Dad….it’s true….so does that mean you will make an article of that?

  • Gigi

    I have no sympathy for PG that’s what he gets for sleeping around so recklessly. Lol I remember how he was bashing blacks chicks a couple years ago how he doesn’t date black chicks blah blah blah he prefers white chicks. Good luck with this PG lol!

  • StilettoJill

    Clearly a source provided the information. You have the option to believe what you’d like.

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  • ohman

    its true i know the girl and her cousin told me she got preggo by PG

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  • Questionable

    So what you’re saying is, that it’s not true at all. You can’t just make up stories without providing a source. Get a quote from Paul George. Get a quote from the girl. Get a quote from someone close to the situation, etc, etc, etc.

  • Questionable

    I believe you as much as the author.

  • StilettoJill

    No, what I’m saying is I sourced the information and I don’t have to provide the source. You are assuming the source isn’t one of the individuals you asked me to get quote from. That’s the funny part about your comment.

    Feel free not to believe it.

  • SitTheHellDown

    This isn’t the only site reporting on the story. Are you going to troll every news source for their confirmation too? Go on about your business.

  • BadmindPolice

    Umm he never said that., that was a fake account.Furthermore do you know how salty and bitter you sound? Why do you care who he dates and what he’s into?There is a market out there for you somewhere homegirl.

    However I still think this is his fault. Wrap it up next time, Paul. That child is going to grow up and read that her dad wanted her gone at no cost.

    Men dont understand that most strippers have absolutely given up on life. They dont care what anybody thinks of them. They are damaged and hurt. He shoulda been smarter.

  • BadmindPolice

    She doesnt need a source for her website. If it was inaccurate she would be sued … get a grip. Its obvious stripper mami wanted her story out there.Sorry that your idol is scum

  • eyegotkaughttrollin

    It’s true, the girl is my cousin’s best friend’s niece. Totally legit.

  • Questionable

    Paul George is not my idol. I saw this post on Twitter and looked for a source since every organization that does isn’t reporting this. Since you believe everything….I heard from a source that BadmindPolice is actually the stripper from the story.

  • Questionable

    The other organizations that are reporting this story got it from here. Sorry for asking for a source for a story is so hard for you to comprehend.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    Yep typical nba star

  • assmilk

    she would not be sued. Paul George is in the public eye, and it’d be really difficult for him to prove malicious intent rather than carelessness. The guy above is right. If it is real, why not provide the source? at least SOMETHING.

  • Mary Houser

    TRAMP!!! Bothe of them~!

  • swagatronpizzaswerve

    if you want people to believe this, (which it is entirely plausible for this to be true), then why not divulge the source, or at least explain how you found this out. this article is as thin as it gets bruh. this is some weak ass journalism jill. You get your degree at Everett?

  • StilettoJill

    If you say so. Clearly you are missing the obvious.

  • frogboy

    if it IS true, (which is entirely possible) then why not at least explain how you came across this information? this article is as thin as it gets. some weak ass journalism here jill. you get your degree at Everett?

  • jillsucks

    lol sure. but he’s right, (i’m assuming both of those posts are from the same guy)?

    but you could have just been like “sources close to george” even TAHT would help your credibility. without any substance, this is no better than tabloid journalism. #swag

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  • StilettoJill

    Hey there person, like your name. Help my credibility with whom?

  • You are stupid

    Typical low life reporter trying to make a name for herself lmao. You have no proof and you know it!!! You are basing this off of 2 pictures they were tagged in and a video lmao. Please GTFO of here.

  • StilettoJill

    You came to my site so…. You might want to read my bio. A story about an athlete and a stripper isn’t uncommon in 2014. Have no idea what video and tags you are talking about. Let’s just let time decided who is and isn’t truthful… wait on it… once again people overlooking the obvious

  • Hi

    What’s the girls Instagram

  • Gigi

    Lol bitter & salty never I was just referencing something I read a couple of years ago maybe it was fake maybe not I could really careless. The fact that you are using that to personally attack me shows how much of a lame you are. Bye Felicia!

  • getagrip

    Ha ha, you misspelled a word THAT you put in caps!!
    Anyways, you all are idiots. Even journalist for the NY Times don’t list their sources. Its’ journalism101- protect the identity of your sources or they will never come back to you with information again.
    Also, Jill isn’t the only person who has posted this story. Google it. It’s everywhere.
    I agree with Jill, you don’t have to believe it.

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  • satch

    Men dont understand that most strippers have absolutely given up on life. They dont care what anybody thinks of them. They are damaged and hurt
    or greedy and lazy
    but your post is dead on

  • bob


  • asasda

    scum? Most guys would do this if they could.

    The female is the scum, and you’re the idiot.

  • S Jo

    Your in denial! Once the baby is born u will
    feel stupid that it really is his!

  • atlmuzikfanzinc

    why would she tell her source? lmao people stupid as hell.

  • atlmuzikfanzinc

    lmao why are you all so butt hurt he got a child on the way? get over it, your idol is not perfect.


  • Floyd Hayes

    These comments are hilarious, but first off I would like to commend Jill for running a single author blog/website with an Alexa ranking in the 100k. Secondly, the reason this story has no sources is bc it is no more than another syndicated article; albeit gossip, sports or newsworthy. Your source was Google since your article only provides a date stamp and not a date and time stamp which would’ve substantively proved you had a source or even some type of lead( even though IDC). Third, i do not know why you’re stamping photos with a copyright symbol that you have no ownership over. Those photos are from IG and make no allusion to Paul george being the father. The video another commenter was referring was the Black Sports Online used which shows her partying with a bunch of other heauxs, but i don’t see paul george. I just see a bunch of other black dudes whom they want me to assume is his posse( bc he is black).
    Lastly, don’t take this comment personal; i am just providing a technical, coherent non-ignorant comment.
    I see you’re a yard barker member, so no questions whether you like what i am saying or not, you’re doing your thing.

  • StilettoJill

    I broke the story. The information was given to me by someone close to the situation. You can’t source a story you broke. But thanks for the love?


    Don’t worry about the haters sister. Keep doing your thing with this site. They came to your site. They shouldn’t be crabs in a barrel trying to bring you down

  • Questionable

    You know what’s more pathetic? That you visit this website and feel the need to defend this wannabe journalist. Maybe you should re-evaluate your life if you look at crap like this as your news. Or maybe you should graduate 4th grade.

  • vern vern

    Come on man, what journalist provides their sources?
    If you name a source that wants to stay anonymous he will no longer be one of your sources. Belief is your option, you either believe the story or you don’t. The only time a source is outed is when they don’t care if they’re outed.How many times have you seen a sentence start with “Unknown sources”?

  • S Jo

    You are in denial girl! Hillarious!

  • Bedzy

    How is it clear that a source provided the info?

  • BedZy

    You DO sound salty and bitter but i just find women like you funny. Im black and prefer white women, at one point it was black women, but now i prefer white girls. Why is it wrong?

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  • StilettoJill

    So now that PG has released a statement confirming he could be the father can I get an apology? Is him confirming it source enough for you?

  • Kevin

    I won’t believe this story until she has the baby and there is DNA test. She probably just looked at ESPNs headlines and chose someone on there. She probably doesn’t even know who’s it is.

  • StilettoJill

    The fact that he’s acknowledged he had a relationship with her and when she informed him she was pregnant isn’t enough for you? I can dig it, cook on. 🙂

  • BadmindPolice

    Lmfao what a bozo

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  • chaproste

    You can take the guy out of “da hood,” but…

  • foh9seing

    Bush wasted $TRILLIONS on an unfunded giveaway to Big Pharma with Medicare Part D, which to add insult to injury prohibited the federal government from negotiating for lower bulk prescription drug prices and from importing cheaper versions from Canada.

  • Steve Sperdacion

    he’s right you’re a felicia