Nelly Drops New Single Taking Advantage Of Floyd Mayweather Jr-Shantel Jackson Drama [Audio]


If you’re involved in a high profile love rectangle that involves an athlete, actress(es), singer and a rapper. The perfect time to drop a single is when the situation is at its peak, right? Nelly has dropped a new single titled, “Thanks to my ex,” an R&B styled single that plays off his previous and present-day relationships, and comes days after Floyd Mayweather Jr dissed him and his ex-fianceé, Shantel Jackson.


  • George Warr

    Nelly? That cat makes awful music and now appears to have violated one of men’s top ten rules by galavanting around with Floyd’s washed up exes…yeah…real player there.

  • Prime ci

    yeah, i’m sure your girlfriend was nobody’s ex, right?

  • eesei2zoh

    my goodness