Lakers Steve Nash doesn’t pay child support and wants to keep it that way


Lakers point guard Steve Nash probably won’t have the NBA playoffs to focus on for too much longer. The Lakers were blown out by 31 points in Friday’s game three match up with the San Antonio Spurs. Which helps clear some space for the other issue in his life, his ex-wife’s bid for child support.

Steve and his ex-wife Alejandra Nash have been divorced for almost two years now however the child support issue is still ongoing. Per TMZ, Steve managed to find an Arizona judge that agreed with him that his ex-wife didn’t need child support. Alejandra received a hefty settlement in the divorce and Steve covers the bulk of the medical, school and nanny costs. Therefore he feels any extra money given to his ex would just go for frivolous things.

Steve convinced the divorce judge — Alejandra doesn’t need child support because he made her a millionaire 5 times over in the divorce settlement.  On top of that, she pulls in more than $30k a month.

For her part, Alejandra says Steve makes a million bucks more than her every month, and it’s unfair he’s not forced to use some of it for the benefit of their kids.

Steve is saying he’s paying plenty — 90% of medical, school and extracurricular activities, and  82% of the nanny’s $2k a month salary.

Now we understand why Alejandra was trying to move to LA. To get the kids closer and to be in the jurisdiction of courts that seem to be a little more pro mom. What’s up with all these athletes trying to shut down their ex-wives and kids mothers? Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Deion Sanders… prenups can be your friend too ladies. Get a lawyer and negotiate.

  • URSilly

    The courts are grossly biased towards women and unjustly enrich them under the guise of “child support”. Just because two parents are split is no reason for the legal system to force one parent (usually the one with the middle leg) into servitude. When two parents are together, they both together decide what is spent on the children and what standard of living is provided……that shouldn’t change. Where is the accountability of how the monies are spent?

  • V

    Golddigger galore… Another c*nt trying to get thru life with someone else paying for her $h!t… Get a job, b!tch…

  • thamolas

    5 million dollars cash is more than enough for anyone.

  • steve

    At first I thought Steve was being an jerk, but after seeing how much he has given her already, I agree with the Judge.

  • Sean Hooper


  • Sean


  • Don

    Had Jason richardsons baby while married to Nash and he finds out when the baby is born that it wasn’t his.. This is ridiculous

  • americansforall

    Sean….can you tell us who the teammate was..not doubting you just curious…..and I agree he has paid enough….some states are also
    allowing men to cut off the alimony once the kids turn 21..

  • americansforall

    Thanks Don…man that must have been COLD !!!!

  • Actually all States cut off Child Support at 18. Alimony goes on until a court appearance to revise or the receiving party dies.

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