Gabrielle Union Says She Upped Her Sex Game For DWade After The Heat Loss [Video]


The Miami Heat lost to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals on Sunday. His fianceé, Gabrielle Union is promoting her new film, “Think Like A Man Too” this week. Host Andy Cohn asked Gabby how she consoles her boo after such an emotional loss. Gabby’s response, she sets it out for a goon with sexy time.

Gabby told Cohn she brings out the tricks.

That’s right Gabby! Keep your boo happy and comforted. Gabby was filming “Being Mary Jane” during game 5. I hope she sent him something special via snapchat or FaceTime.

video via WWHL

photo via @GabUnion

  • Seth Malloy

    Too bad it ain’t gonna heal those Piss Poor Stats!

  • Fantasy Maker

    Hopefully she will take copious facials

  • Heatfan

    Too late Gabby should have upped the sex game after the game three blowout. While your at it maybe it’s time for D Wade to consider early detriment dude looks spent

  • Samuel

    That’s way too much information, I’m starting to lose respect for this girl. Especially after he father a child and she stuck around.

  • George Peter

    no wonder dwade is like 10 times his age….hahhaha

  • Slaughtr


  • Gee Scott

    OK so what is wrong with what Gabby said ?? you lot are haters for no reason! stay in your caves.. go jump off a cliff !! the rest of the world can do without you !!!!

  • charlotteatipton

    But Hillary will see well-earned felony law-breaking charges referred from the FBI to the DOJ against her.