Floyd Money Mayweather Jr’s $9 million, 22,000-square-foot Mansion [Photos]

Yeah he has a few legal issues pending (IRS, assualt). No he still doesn’t have a fight scheduled. But what Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr does have is a money (I guess) and a HUGE mansion in downtown Vegas.

The $9 million, 22,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, seven-bath custom-built home is in a gated community golf course. I must say, I love a lot of it.

That’s what ballers do right? They spend.

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  • Well, I guess you have to live somewhere, haha!

  • TonyT

    yeah nice crib – but stuff comes and goes and you can’t take it with ya. what last’s forever – history, true champions. Floyd likes to run his mouth and say he is the greatest ever – better than Robinson. and while we all know that is a joke it seems ridiculous that a man wants to claim he is the best ever will not fight Pac or anyone else. Guess he’ll get back in the ring to make payments to the IRS or to pay his taxes on his mansion. I am huge fan of Floyd in the ring, outside of it – I coudl care less about his toys

  • maypac

    Yes, yes, yes, it really is a nice house, but not too long from now he may lose it to IRS. Heck he got evicted from his office for not paying the rent. Heck we all know what and how PBF is outside the ring: woman beater, cell phone snatcher etc., etc., etc. you guys know the rest…right. What PBF is Inside the ring: Well he does NOT even want to get inside the ring, PBF suffdering from Pacquiao syndrom.

  • Phantom313

    Big crib for a big time celebrity boxer…….lots of BLING…TOO BAD HE CANNOT PAY HIS TAXES AT FRONT…….

  • Big crib for a famous celebrity boxer..lots of bling…too bad he cannot afford to pay his taxes ..at front.

  • Power VCT

    PBF has 99 problems but the bling, mansion and a undefeated record isn’t one! I know his haters are hating to see this!

  • I am amused at what other fanatics are saying, I also amused at duckweather is showing his blings and mansion..I HOPE SOME CRAZY ROBBER IS NOT IN THIS BLOG OR WATCHING THE VIDEO…Duckweather might cry if something happen to his money..lol

  • maypac

    Yes PBF don’t have any problem with the bling and with the mansion, but with the undefeated record, PBF can thank John Keane of England; Jerry Roth of Nevada and
    Anek Hongtongkam of Thailand.

  • Hey Maypac..what’s up!!! still this nonsense power…. still hating Pac.
    What really is funny is that this fanatic HATER cannot see how this duckweather being a fraud..showing off his money,his blings and huge mansion..but trying to cheat his government not paying his taxes on time…..or maynever pay up..maynever…sound familiar…lol

  • How can our president invite this dude in the white house..he doesn’t know how to pay his taxes……and show off his blings and mansion….

  • He has risen to afford to get what he has in a country and society that has never given a little respect (temporary though it may be thanks to the IRS et al) Hope that he gets to enjoy it as much as possible.

  • Power VCT

    Why does it matter what PBF does outside the ring? Unless you are a straight up beatrice, it shouldn’t! Quit being fanatic followers and cult members and try and stick to a straight boxing conversation as my men chiliful1974 and TonyT! FACT and PERIOD!

    Keep it funky punks!


  • phantom313

    Power VCT says:
    April 24, 2011 at 3:18 pm
    Why does it matter what PBF does outside the ring?
    What does duckweather have to do with boxing..not a thing, NOTHING…. HE WENT AWOL!!!!!
    Guess what who are fanatics and cult members..heheheheheh

  • Power VCT

    Somebody needs to learn how to write before submitting any post! Grammar errors all over the place but, I guess that is how it is when you don’t go to school!

    Who cares about PBF Bling and Mansions!? I am only concerned on what he does inside the ring.

  • Jill

    wait, who didn’t go to school?

  • phantom313

    this is the mansion of gayweather and her boyfrieend 50 cents……

  • maypac

    Hey phantom313! How you doin’ Dude? He-he-he! Hey your right about Pee-Wee VCT…after all how can you teach OLD DOGS new tricks? One thing I know about Pee Wee though, he’s still suffering from maypac syndrome.

    Pee-Wee VCT’s idol PBF court hearing has been postponed again all the way to September 1st! His lawyer is just milking the process and playing the delaying tactics. Even OJ is so excited and can’t wait to have PBF occupy their connecting room inside Nevada Penn.

  • LOL

    To sum up the article – “You can beat your wife, kids, girlfriends, and security guards and it’s all okay as long as you have a big $9 million mansion”, says the author.

  • LOL

    This should be a writing for FORBE’S MAGAZINE and not boxing.

  • @Maypac…I am fine… looking forward for the upcoming fight of the best fighter of the planet today Pac….I predicted it won’t last 12 round Mr. Mosley will be KO early…. probably 4th round. Mosley will not be disappointed Pac will be charging early and they will slug it out early in rounds…Mr.Mosley willl be overwhelm by punches thrown by Pac and the left hand will ko him….

    I like the name you given to our whipping boy Peewee vct….Lil peewee vct.hehehehehehe!!!!

  • phantom313

    Pac has an excellent training camp for his fight with Mr. Mosley..they concentrate his stamina and power.they work so hard on his body conditioning to endured the hard punches of Mosley..I think Pac learned his lesson from Margo fight..lots of distraction and wasn’t able to do a great deal of conditioning to his body, that’s why he got hurt thru body punches…Pac will wim by tko 4th rd…

  • Power VCT

    MP, why do you wish to continue sucking on my johnson when I have not mentioned you at all? Are you that inferior to me as well as the other fanatic follower and cult members whom continue to eat there fair share of azzrice too? Why are you a beatrice that has nothing to offer during a boxing forum?

    Jill casper313 revealed to me about two years ago that he never went to school due to his socioeconomic upbringing! I let that go because I really felt for him then. If you read his posting, with the caps and terrible English writings you would be able to tell. So literally he is very uneducated and displays that all the time when he tries to converse in boxing forums! I really feel sorry for the guy! Honestly I do! Real talk!

  • phantom313

    Lil peewee vct aka whipping boy….stop whinning moron!!!

  • Jill

    Got it thanks. You guys have history huh. LOL this is funny.

  • floydmelapela

    This sorullo needs the get his finger out of his you know what.
    He’s nothing but a little #$%^&*( and he’s proven it over over.
    Manny will crack the living %^&*( out of gay guy and that’s why
    this pansy won’t fight fighters where he knows there might be a huge possibility getting his #$%^& knocked out.

    Oh yeah Floyd you have a mansion, but where in the $%^& desert.
    Buy a mansion down here in orange county ca and preach on how much money
    you have left because a mansion you have in Las vegas that goes for 9 million, down here you’ll pay triple that,mija.

  • Lupe Rubalcava

    He will have to sell it in few years to pay off his debts after he gets out of prison for beating up his ex and threating his children. The Dumb @$$ will not have a penny by the time he is done with boxing.

  • Power VCT


    Yes it is funny! Each and every time he writes something I’m just SMDH laughing at his ignorant grammar! He is so stupid he doesn’t realize his pretentious idiosyncrasies!

    floydmelapela – Pac-A-Roid won’t even fight a credible opponent without a catch weight clause or they have one foot in the grave!

    Lupe-What does it matter what PBF does outside the ring or what he has now? If he is broke later that’s on his stupid azz but it appears as of now, he is enjoying his money which he as earned in the RING! No matter what you think of him, he is still undefeated and has NEVER been KTFO twice with his eyes crossed from body shots!


  • Lonewolf5

    All PeeWee would do if he ever got the balls together and fight my Man Pac, is run and run some more. He would make it an ugly fight, by not fighting. He has had many of those, ugly non-fighting fights. True fight fans will remember them!!!!!

  • Shelter

    Man I could care less, if I ever saw him on the streets wearing any of his jewelry or money bag…. 10 times out of 10, I would jack hiz azs….

  • Phantom313


  • jose lagos

    Mr.Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    I like how u box and I think u can defeat Paquiao if u get a hard training
    for that. I am viewing pics from ur house and I could say its a beatifull house. I recomend u to pay the IRS debts and solve all your legal problems, I know u are an inteligent person dont lose what u have get in all this years with all yours efforts .
    I am from Honduras Central America and i like the boxing especcially your boxing. I think PACQUIAO will defeat Mosley. But u could defeats Pacquiao if u have an inteligent and quick boxing. if u fight w/ him dont let he hit u at every moment instead u hit him as quickly as u can in liver parts and face.
    I hope see u soon boxing. dont stop training keep doing it.
    my regards

  • maypac

    PeeWee VCT is either suffering from lack of foresight or just plain poor sight. Most of all I know he’s still suffering from maypac syndrome. I stepped on his neck while he was down and I told him to stay down, and he did. And I commended him and I said to him, “good boy” and PeeWee started kissing my foot and he said thank you very much maypac!

  • phantom313

    Not only that Maypac…lil peewee vct is like an INSECT, he flies to the dumpster and pooh where he feed himself. and when you see lil PEEWEE VCT AKA POWER VCT, either YOU swat or step on him. He is the most lowest species on earth.HEHEHEHEHEHEHHE!!!

    mR. DUCKWEATHER and his boyfriend fifty cents is to venture into movies. I guess Lil peewee vct would like to be part of the Alien movies.

  • maypac

    phantom313: Peewee VCT, just like PBF feelin the heat of the grill up his (u know what) because he knows as well as you and I that Pacquiao will grill PBF bigtime if he ever step in the ring vs Pacman.

    With all due respect to mosley… I agree with you that he, Mosley is going down for the first time in his career within 5 or 6th.

    Berto WHO?

  • phantom313

    I don’t like really this fight at first, but all of Pac’s fight are exciting. And you can be sure that he will entertain the fans in any fight.
    Aside giving much height, reach and power to the advantage to Mr. Mosley, he will have lots of experience and he has a good trainer in his corner.

    Still my prediction Mosley is going down on the fourth round.

    Hey Lil Peewee vct aka power vct..have you gotten a role of the alien movie (Floyd & Fifty cents movie outfit), they need a female alien whore to reproduce their population……heheheheheheheheh!!!!

  • maypac


    Yeah Peewee VCT will be good at that as you’ve mentioned to work with VOID MAYWEATHER AND FILTHY CENTS.

  • phantom313

    There was a post by golden boy promotion Scheafer’s allegation that there was a negotiation for a fight between Pac and marquez at this early stage. This allegation is more of a political and business move. to discredit the coming fight of Pac and Mosley. A cheap shot by a rival company against Top Rank (Arum).
    They (Schaefer & Co.) will have a hard time signing back Marquez if they cannot gurantee a fight w/pac. We know top rank and GBp doesn’t do business nowadays.

  • LOL

    You can tell that a confrontation between Pacquiao and Mayweather will be the fight of the century.

    It’s like an Armageddon fight of GOOD vs. EVIL thing.

  • LOL

    If you are wondering which is which. If it looks like, talks like, act like, then it is.

  • LOL

    The chicken in my backyard have never been defeated or KO’d in boxing. I think it should be the pound 4 pound boxing champion.

    Though I’m thinking of cooking it for my niece’s birthday.

  • maypac

    Mayweather, who already is facing several misdemeanor and felony charges, has been arrested again. This time the charge is misdemeanor harassment for threatening security guards over parking tickets.

    OMG! That guy really thinks he’s all that! What a eFing loser!

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