Fierce 5: Fastest Athletes Of All Time

  1. Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is one of those flash in the pan type players who showed all the promise in the world, but never quite lived up to potential. Nonetheless, Johnson rewrote what it meant to be fast in the NFL. His 4.24 40-yard dash is still the official record at an NFL combine. Though his blinding speed gave him one of the greatest NFL seasons in football history, his poor ability to find holes led him to flame out and never be the great running back that he once was thought to be.

  1. Usain Bolt

Theoretically, this list could be comprised of all sprinters, but that wouldn’t be fun. So instead, let’s take the best sprinter in history and throw him on this list. Bolt doesn’t need an introduction or statistics thrown around about his speed, he rewrote the history books when it comes to running and is arguably the fastest man to ever live.

  1. Michael Phelps

Sure, this may be cheating, but who said speed only counts on land? In the water Phelps is so fast that it’s weird. On his way to becoming the most accomplished Olympian in history, Phelps broke just about every swimming record known to man (and fish). Though he may not be so graceful on land, in the water this guy is flat out fast.

–Michael Hersey