Drake gets denied entry to Miami Heat locker room [video]


Drake was really excited for the Miami Heat’s 2013 NBA finals win. He wanted to go into the locker room and partake in the champagne shower that was in progress. But security wasn’t trying to hear it. Drake was told unless he was media, there was no access…



But Drake got to party with the Heat at Story a few hours later.


video via ESPN

  • tony

    leads to only one question, who the heck is drake?

  • Jackie Mohr

    Not only who the heck is drake, but what makes him think that he can do whatever he wants?

  • Matt

    Drake who?

  • Jimmy

    I see the average age of people commenting is 55 🙁

  • Barry1234

    Drake? Sounds like a hotel name.

  • im not drake lol

    check yourself fool lol !

  • Michael Heck

    Drake isn’t an NBA champion, doesn’t work for a sports affiliated media source. Why on earth should he be allowed into the locker room?


  • Change

    HAHA his face says it all of how he feels lmbo…..Doesnt make sense for anyone including media to go into the locker room theres crazy people in tis world you never know what a camera can turn into 0_o #just saying

  • Justin

    (No Offence) but looking at the age of the people who are commenting on this article, there is no surprise you wouldn’t know who Drake is. Its one of those “I know who Drake is” but my “Mom and Dad never heard of him” kind of deals.

  • NBA Locker Room miked 4 sound

    If this is anything like real life – Everyone in the locker room is like:

    ” Where’s Drake ? ”

    ” I don’t know ? ”
    ” I told him to meet us in the locker room after the game. ”

    ” That dumbass security guard is probably not letting him in again. ”

    ” Hey Mike !!! Mike !!!! Miller I’m talking to you !!!! ”
    ” Go get Drake. “

  • evan

    y’all don’t know who drake is? Im surprised you can work a computer

  • me

    are you serious?