Dodgers star Matt Kemp dating actress Eva Longoria?

photo via Forbes

Today is opening day for the MLB. The Dodgers have new ownership and their star, Matt Kemp might also be bringing his own star power into the fold.

Tuesday night following the Dodgers-Angels preseason freeway series, former GM and current analyst Jim Bowden tweeted that Kemp and Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria left the stadium together. Bowden says he shared an elevator with Longoria, Kemp, and actor Ricardo Chavira.

Interesting. They could’ve just been having friendly chatter. Since her divorce from Spurs point guard Tony Parker, Eva has been linked to the Lakers Matt Barnes and now Matt Kemp. Maybe she’s just a sports fan.


  • Marijuasher

    As long as Eva does not equal Rhianna (i.e. Matt Kemp doesn’t strike out too much, take bad paths to fly balls, and somehow gets thrown out on half his steal attempts), it’s all good.

  • Thibler3

    a new sucker for eva?

  • williered

    Who cares. They are all a bunch of egomaniacs that are full of themselves, with no real relevance.

  • Milli

    Maybe this athlete will work better for Eva.

  • superglide51

    WOW, What or who is next for her. She will run out of sports teams soon.

  • Litchester

    I heard he hit it in the can.

  • Art

     I play slow pitch softball, does that qualify me?

  • Sailbyme

    Seems to like that dark meat. 

  • Lauri

    Why would someone who doesn’t care bother to read the article and comment??

  • Ncc2167

    First basketball, now baseball.  Look out everyone, before too long she’ll be dating Tim Tebow

  • Scan24c

    who really gives a damn?  that’s not news we want to hear.  we want to hear who’s hiring, better wages and reasonable places to live….

  • It’s not the dark meat….it’s the green!

  • Jugziffel

    Hey, what the heck, everyone else is “doin’ ” it, I mean her. She is like a baseball bat, everyone gets a swing, or a BB hoop, everyone gets a shot, or a fairway wood, every one gets to drive her, I mean it.

  • you want to hear about whose hiring from a spors website? And you read it and felt compelled to comment on the topic all while searching for better wages?

    Someone’s priorities are mixed up

  • Dudymang

    she’s a hoe

  • Jcool

    Sloppy seconds or sloppy 100s… it should be easy for him to hot one in the gap since there is so much of her territory to cover.

  • BC666inLA

    Magic and the Dodgers should be very very worried.  He was dating Rhianna and his play tanked.  Now he has that huge contract and he’s back to dating another hottie…….oh boy.

  • S Izzors

    Yea she likes the dark meat. But she does have a great body and she actually seems like a nice person. So good luck Eva . I hope it all works out in your favor. Cause you have my vote as one sexy women.

  • Tonyval443

    leave eva alone…. jesus…. what she does not have the right to date anybody she wishes?
    I do not get people obsesion with other’s people’s business

  • but you clicked the link

  • Bobby Slaughter

    These men and women in sports and movies who change partners like I change socks most like have things that smell like my dirty socks and most likely as used.  I wouldn’t want somebodies leftovers or worn out socks that smell.

  • Get your point but aren’t most people someone’s leftovers?

  • mgcre

    Eva had the reputation growing up in Corpus Christi as being an easy lay. Some things don’t change.

  • like a doorknob everyone gets a turn