Details of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s prenup agreement


Now that divorce documents have been filed for the divorce of Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom. Let’s see what the split will look like.  The two married in September 2009 just a few weeks after meeting. Of course the prenup was rock solid, but Khloe comes out on top, proving prenups can be fair to the wife.

Kardashian will retain the couple’s $4 million Tarzana, Calif., mansion, as part of the impending divorce.

She’ll also keep the engagement ring — worth $1 million — along with all jewelry and gifts given to her by love-rat Lamar during the course of their strained four-year marriage.

“Khloe will be entitled to $500,000 for each year married to Lamar and she could petition for spousal support,” a source with knowledge of the prenup told Radar.

“However, she would only be entitled to spousal support from Lamar for half the length of their marriage, which would be less than two years.

“Lamar waived his rights to seek spousal support from Khloe and any claims to any money she earned from the Kardashian empire.

“Khloe will remain as the beneficiary on a $10 million life insurance policy Lamar has and that will remain for the rest of their lives.”

Lamar Odom’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million, while Khloe’s is around $18 million. Khloe has allegedly moved on to a new athlete, Dodgers Matt Kemp.

  • Beachgirl

    Glad she moved away from NBA. Baseball it is your turn. Dodgers better trade Matt fast.

  • Valerie Griffin

    Madam Kardashian taught her daughters well: GO FOR THE DOUGH!!! Get that million dollar plus salary, and it’s ok to get knocked-up!

  • Just the facts

    What the heck is Kemp thinking? The guy is a F’in All-star Major League Baseball Player, he should be hooking up with a young, hot chick, not one of those Kardashian hags.

  • Trippin Hard……

    Damnnnnnnnnnn…… kids either………prenup?…….he might as well hand her his whole check while she f–kin’ someone else……..he mustve been on crack when he did this prenup………But her as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy….Wow……That’s one dumb ass ……he better hope he outlives her……Them Kardashian women aint golddiggers they teammates the way they r playing dudes……..DAMN!…Cant be mad at her…..He just spent about 20 Mill on piece of ass and he got kids by another lady………LOL……

  • LaLa

    These Kardashian women are nothing but legal prostitutes. You gotta wonder why these men keep falling for it though.

  • mr. obvious

    100% agreed, except that no talent tool of a jackass kanya

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  • Cali

    How much money does she get for every time he lit up that crack pipe? If that’s in the prenup too then wow she’ll be one extra rich divorce’

  • DecemberBaby

    Mr. Obvious is a pour excuse of a man ..The Kardashians family is just normal family but just have money . So stop hating and live your life !! #DEPRESSEDPEOPLE #GETAJOB #GETALIFE

  • aivoo6chei

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