Congratulations! Dwyane Wade father for the 3rd time


The rumor for months was that Dwyane Wade fathered another child outside of his relationship with Gabrielle Union.  If you recall out of the blue, DWade announced that he and his fiancé Gabrielle Union had taken a break in their relationship this summer. That bit of information was dropped preparing for the announcement of this new baby.

A source gave a statement to ET:

A committed father, Wade has full custody of his two sons after a contentious custody battle with his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, and is also raising his nephew. He has made no secret that being a father is the most important role in his life, participating in President Obama’s Fatherhood Task Force and becoming a New York Times bestselling author for his book A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball.

According to the source, Wade has never taken his fatherhood responsibility lightly and has no intention to do so now.

Congratulations on the new baby boy DWade. Glad to see he and Gabrielle worked through his alleged infidelity. The two became engaged last week. The well timed release of this information is all apart of the process.

  • Chuck Schick

    Why is this news? He’s an nba playa, this happens all the time.

  • 122156

    But few actually take the responsibility. I’m certainly not a fan of what he did, but he does take care of his kids and spends a lot of time with them.

  • Bballreal

    D Wade should not be given any credit for cheating on his wife and then taking her kids. Gabrielle is getting payback for taking him from his wife. Payback is a witch. This child was obviously conceived last February so it was not a result of them taking a break in the summer. These two low principle people deserve each other.

  • Tigerheat

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you about the karma that came to Gabrielle. How you get em’ is how you lose them! Maybe now she can accept her responsibility in Wade’s infidelity while still married to his 2 eldest son’s mother.

  • CaliforniaGirl

    I don’t believe that having unprotected sex with countless women is in the best interest of him “being a great father”. Really think about it…he kisses his kids with that mouth.

  • CaliforniaGirl

    Also to the author, the “alleged” part is no longer needed. He did it. The child being born is proof.

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  • aivoo6chei

    He answered: “Because we can”