Chad Johnson sex tape leak? [video]

I don’t understand why almost six months after Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada married, and five months after they divorced, someone is working so hard to expose an already known cheater. Perhaps it’s because he and Ev are working on their relationship. The two have recently been communicating openly on Twitter.

In the latest chapter of this novella, someone has leaked a video and photos of a sex tape allegedly featuring Ochocinco and a stripper. There is also someone/people in the background watching and recording.

The video was posted on World Star Hip-hop…

Chad confirmed that it’s him in the tape. Evelyn confirmed it’s old and she was aware of its existence. Chad is considering legal action, the end.


  • Great RUBBISH. Is this the equivalent of the rags at the check out counter? I wouldn’t be proud of this “reporting”. Trailer park/ ghetto trash “news”.

  • StilettoJill

    Are you proud that you clicked the link to read it all by yourself? Welcome to 2012, where you have this thing called a choice which, you utilized by reading a posting that very clearly states its subject matter in the title.

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