Chad Johnson says Evelyn Lozada is a gold digger who cheated on him


When last we left you on the latest episode of Chad & Evelyn. The two were working on self improvement and ignoring one another outside of the occasional subtweet. Whatever talk or discussion of a reconciliation had long been left in the dust because of A. Chad’s cheating ways or B. Evelyn’s gold digging insincerity. Or some combination of the two, depending on who you rock with.  This peaceful coexistence was shattered today when Chad had words for Evelyn’s publicist Danika Berry on Twitter. Chad stated that Evelyn cheated on him, was doing naughty things to aquire her “Cash Money Records” book deal and more. Following his rant, Evelyn’s daughter Shanice weighed in via Twitter defending her mom and dusting up Ochocinco in the process.

Check out the exchange:











Here’s my thing with all of this. Chad isn’t winning by doing this. He had his chance to speak out, give his version of the events and he opted not to. Evelyn did not. At this point 9 months later – and longer than than their actual marriage – to go in on Twitter about it. While he’s still searching for employment in the NFL isn’t a good look. And if you do feel the need to discuss it, that wasn’t the proper forum.

But, it is what it is. Evelyn didn’t have much to say about the rant but she did post these messages on Twitter and Instagram:




    Shaniece also spilled the tea that Chad buys his twitter followers…I always wondered how he had like 5 million followers! LMAO!

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  • Who really cares about these two idiots. One is a former hack reciever who toots his own horn and the other is a hack reality tv star who also toots her own horn. They both deserve each other. Look you had your fame, fame that was not so deserving, so shut the hell up and go bury yourselves so no one has to hear anymore of both of your crap. Wow what a waste of life.

  • james robinson II

    i see you like being ignorant

  • princesspr

    I am still wondering when did a Publicist get involved in a social media fight on behalf of their clients. Come on Ms. Berry, we MUST do better to expect better!

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